Jinesh Mehta

Hey there! I'm Jinesh Mehta. I am a graduate student at Northeastern University pursuing Masters in Computer Science program at Khoury College of Computer Sciences. I enrolled in this program in August 2021 and intend to finish it by May 2023.

Currently, I am working as a Machine Learning Engineering Intern at Schneider Electric as part of the Digital Innovation and Technology team. My work over here includes developing Deep-RL-based models which are used for recommending databases to end-users using previous user interactions.

Previously, I used to work as a Senior Software Engineer at Honeywell Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Over here, I developed various simulation software that helped in designing and predicting flows for fans, turbines, and engine performance. Along with this, the software could detect and inform the developers of various anomalies for different aircraft.

My short­ term goal is to work towards advancing the field of Artificial Intelligence, especially solving problems on Autonomous Driving and AI smart assistants. My long­ term goal is to become an adept research scientist at one of the leading organizations across the globe.

Apart from geeking out on technology, I spend my time playing sports like Badminton, Swimming, and Football.