Jinesh Mehta


Honeywell Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

I am working as a Software Engineer where my job includes developing and updating all the mechanical and aviation tools required by the in-house engineers while designing different power and engine systems.

Centre of Artificial and Machine Intelligence

I was working on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and unsupervised machine learning problems in the context of density-based clustering. Along with NLP, we were also exploring some more applications using Deep Learning in real time systems.

Stanford Crowd Research

I was part of a worldwide group of researchers led by Michael Bernstein in Stanford CS. The research direction of the group is to "Design the Next-Generation Crowdsourcing Platform" in the space of human-computer interaction exploring a self governed crowdsourcing marketplace designed to amplify trust in crowd work

Fracktal Works Pvt. Ltd.

I was part of development team which was working on a software called "Fracktory 2.0". This tool acts as a communicator between the server and the client. Major features of this update includes adding a cross platform desktop interface for enabling simpler wireless communication between a 3D printer and client. This helps reducing input parameters from the client's side

Reliance Industries Ltd.

I had a short summer internship experience at Reliance Industries Limited, Jamnagar where I was given a chance to accompany the engineers at various places of the refinery to solve various issues regarding IT domain. This allowed me to have a practical perception on the accumulated knowledge over there. We dealt with many issues which include maintenance of servers, install optical fibers for intra-telecommunication and setting up switches and routers for communicating within the whole refinery.