Jinesh Mehta


Schneider Electric

I am working as a Machine Learning Engineering Intern at Schneider Electric as part of the Digital Innovation and Technology team. My work over here includes developing Deep-RL-based models which are used for recommending databases to end-users using previous user interactions. My responsiblities over here also include designing and deploying end-to-end CICD pipelines for SE Intel Database Recommendation System. For this task, I use AWS services like S3, ECR, Lambda, Sagemaker StepFunctions, EventBridge & CodeBuild which helps achieve robust & seamless deployments.

Honeywell Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

I worked as a Senior Software Engineer where my responsiblities included leading development teams for simulation and analytical tools used in engineering aircraft engines focused on turbines, compressors and fans.

Centre of Artificial and Machine Intelligence

I was working on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and unsupervised machine learning problems in the context of density-based clustering. Along with NLP, we were also exploring some more applications using Deep Learning in real time systems.

Stanford Crowd Research

I was part of a worldwide group of researchers led by Michael Bernstein in Stanford CS. The research direction of the group is to "Design the Next-Generation Crowdsourcing Platform" in the space of human-computer interaction exploring a self governed crowdsourcing marketplace designed to amplify trust in crowd work

Fracktal Works Pvt. Ltd.

I was part of development team which was working on a software called "Fracktory 2.0". This tool acts as a communicator between the server and the client. Major features of this update includes adding a cross platform desktop interface for enabling simpler wireless communication between a 3D printer and client. This helps reducing input parameters from the client's side