Jinesh Mehta


Group Suggestion Application using Hadoop

There are two parts of the developed application in which the first one is a basic chat app to collect some text data for each user and other is to identify cluster for each user according to their text indexing with the help of Hadoop to speed up the computation.

Hamlet:A Rural Field Mapping Application,

The idea of Hamlet finds the people who require helping and are underserved households in rural areas via technology which requires a lot of data acquisition and analysis to efficiently address their problems.


This Application helps a laymen to get a flavor of the stock market virtually. Basic idea behind designing this application was to help a newbie develop his stock market skills without risking actual money.


A blood bank management application "Euphemia' allows any hospital or blood bank offices to keep the track of incoming as well outgoing flow of blood packets. This address the issue of mismanagement which is very common for many small town blood banks. This application was built which can reduce the overhead from the human manager. Another advantage provided from this is updates being done in real time.

FruitNinja for Kinect

FruitNinja basically throws random fruits on the screen and you have to use your finger as knife to cut the fruits. A score is shown in the end which is used to make the other users to compete. Instead of finger, we use hand gestures to which are detected by kinect. This gives user a rich gaming expericence.